DesignStudio /UK


DesignStudio is a global brand and design agency based in London and San Francisco founded by designers Ben Wright and Paul Stafford. Recent rebrands include Airbnb, The Premier League and Deliveroo. DesignStudio creates work that makes a meaningful difference, builds loyalty, drives growth and connects communities across every aspect of the brand experience. In May, we will be joined by one of the co-founders.


Mr Bingo /UK

Mr Bingo

After a successful 15-year career as an illustrator, in 2015 Mr Bingo made a decision to stop working for clients and make it alone as some sort of ‘artist’. He became well-known for Hate Mail, a project where strangers paid him to send a hand-drawn offensive postcard to a name and address of their choice. The project ended up being published as a book, exhibited in galleries and gaining notoriety among the global press.


Ryan Singer /US

Ryan Singer

Ryan is the Head of Strategy at Basecamp. He has worked on all levels of the software stack, from UI design to back-end programming to strategy. Through more than 14 years at Basecamp he’s designed features used by millions while inventing the processes their teams use to design, develop and ship the right things.


More speakers to come.
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